Watch our demo of using Miro’s stickies capture tool with ChatGPT AI. You can get started yourself with a realtime whiteboard at
and learn about the stickies capture app to digitize your post-it notes here:

People at the CultureCon USA conference were talking about how we were using AI tools like ChatGPT and Miro live during our pre-conference design thinking workshop on “Innovating your Culture.” I’ve whipped up a quick and dirty demo video showing you how we went from post-it notes on the wall to a report about the positive organizational culture model we created…and did it in just minutes. Check out the demo video!

In this video, I share an activity I did in a workshop where participants visualized their ideal organizational culture using sticky notes. I used the Miro whiteboard tool and the ChatGPT AI tool to convert the physical sticky notes into digital ones. Then, I experimented with copying the digital sticky notes into chat GPT to see if it could synthesize and analyze the data. I also explored the possibility of generating a report or article based on the themes identified. Join me as I demonstrate how to integrate these tools and transform physical sticky notes into a digital format!

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