Dive into the revolutionary process of ideating, visualizing, and prototyping with ChatGPT4’s Dall-e feature! 🚀 Darin from InnovationTraining.org walks you through a real-time example of how to transform a simple product idea into stunning visuals, app interfaces, and even packaging designs. Discover how AI is disrupting traditional design projects, making product development faster and more efficient than ever before. If you’ve ever been curious about the potential of AI in innovation and design, this video is a must-watch.


0:01 – Introduction by Darin from InnovationTraining.org.
0:16 – The power of ChatGPT’s Dolly feature for prototyping.
0:32 – Real-world application: From a coffee shop idea to a product.
1:05 – Introducing the Story Builder Blocks concept.
2:18 – Visualizing the product idea with images.
3:00 – Iterative design process: refining the visuals.
3:48 – Simulating a focus group: Feedback from parents and kids.
5:06 – Updating product designs based on feedback.
5:55 – Designing the app interface.
6:34 – Exploring a low-tech version of the product.
7:44 – The speed and efficiency of prototyping with ChatGPT

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