Transportation is the ‘Center of the Universe’ from Robin Chase with Denise Brosseau at Stanford

Description of Stanford Business School Video: Did Robin Chase, the founder of Zipcar, know from an early age that she was going to be an entrepreneur? Growing up as a diplomat’s daughter, Chase had a front-row seat as her mother created new ventures in the different countries the family was stationed.

Chase went on to start four companies, including Zipcar. She points out that all your opportunities in life, from education to getting to your job, center on access to transportation.

She talks about the exciting times of starting up a company as well as some of the difficulties she faced. In the wake of the challenges, Chase emphasizes the need for perseverance and tenacity to keep going.

Chase is the founder and CEO of Buzzcar, a peer-to-peer car sharing service.

Chase was interviewed by Denise Brosseau, MBA ’93.

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