Ali Abdaal Video on How to Build the Ultimate Productivity System (2022)



The whole point of a productivity system is to get your life in order and free up valuable brain space. No one wants to be spending tons of time organising emails or searching for a book quote that they forgot to highlight.

There are broadly three levels of building an ultimate productivity system: keeping your life in order, capturing new info, and creating a system around it. You can stop at layer one or use all three. I cover it all in more detail in this video, including suggestions for apps that I like to use daily.

00:00 Intro
01:37 Ron: keep your life in order
01:37 Calendar
04:21 Email
06:12 To-do list
09:06 File management
10:32 Hermoine: capture new information
11:09 Kindle
11:47 Read-it-later app
14:53 Readwise
15:59 Capture app
17:04 Dumbledore: create a system
17:07 Building a Second Brain


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