Description of Harvard Business School Video: Business’ Role in Saving the Environment: Thoughts from a Veteran of Both Worlds – Carter Roberts, MBA ’88, President and CEO of World Wildlife Fund U.S.

Carter Roberts discusses his unique career at the crossroads of corporate leadership and environmental protection. Moderated by Allen S. Grossman, Professor of Management Practice.

From Gillette to Procter & Gamble to The Nature Conservancy to WWF, Roberts has been a leader in the movement to engage corporate America in environment protection and foster the growing trend toward sustainable business practices. At WWF, he has worked tirelessly to help multinational corporations recognize that improving their operations’ long-term environmental impacts can be as beneficial to earnings as it is to the environment. His unique approach to corporate engagement — centered on innovative “transformational partnerships” between companies and NGOs — is taking root and making a difference around the globe. Professor Grossman discusses Carter’s career, the “transformational partnership” approach to corporate engagement on the environment, and his call-to-action for the next generation of business leaders.


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