Description of Columbia Business School Video: This complimentary webinar explores what a leadership credo is and how it brings value to your career and organization. The 30-minute webinar covers:

How developing a credo can help leaders communicate to achieve strategic goals.

Understanding your own credo ensures messages are authentic and natural because they are grounded in a leader’s beliefs.

How a credo can help persuade others to follow a leader based on the beliefs he or she conveys.

The power of storytelling in communication and the role a credo plays in delivering those messages.

Developing a leadership credo is an important element of the Columbia Senior Executive Program and the Columbia Senior Executive Program 2×2 Option, led by Professor Paul Ingram. During the webinar, Craven will also discuss how he and Ingram weave the credo into the program, allowing executives to test their approach in a learning environment.

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    Thank you for sharing this video. I really enjoyed this learning experience.

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