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In today’s business environment, companies are challenged to implement more projects with fewer resources. New products are being rushed to market to stave off collapsing margins, and many markets are bombarded by copy-cat foreign companies and nimble competitors with radically lower cost structures. Success will be measured by your ability to successfully compete – to compete in a world of radical innovation – and win.

A key tool in your toolbox is Design Thinking. This webinar describes Design Thinking as it is practiced at Stanford’s and show how it can transform both the way you think about innovation and go to market with new ideas. The is at the forefront of an international trend to integrate design, technology and business practices to train tomorrow’s leaders. We will also review the curriculum for the upcoming Innovation Masters Series to help you decide if you should attend.

It is clear that innovation is critical to customers and businesses alike, more so now than ever. This webinar series will give you a taste of what will be taught during the Innovation Masters Series – Design Thinking and the Art of Innovation (XDES400) course being held this December 12- 14, 2012 at Stanford University.


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