This is a webinar that features some of the best research we’ve seen on design thinking. It’s video from Mural, an excellent design thinking software. Mural helps with visual thinking and collaborative online whiteboarding. You can use it for your own strategic thinking and visualization – or with groups in classes, workshops, design thinking, innovation sessions, and design sprints. Learn more about what is Mural and how to use it for innovative design thinking.

Video Description:

Design thinking offers a problem-solving approach widely adopted by the most innovative companies and organizations – but how do we truly measure its impact?

In this webinar, Professor Jeanne Liedtka of the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business will report on the results of research conducted at UVA over the past 6 years of over 30 organizations using design thinking in practice to:

•Identify the most effective elements actually practiced under the rubric of “design thinking”
•Assess design thinking’s value for enhancing innovation outcomes
•Evaluate the overall impact of design thinking in practice


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