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Fake It Till You Make It with Dan Sullivan of Crowdly

Non-technical entrepreneurs, stop talking big and start building small. Bemoaning your inability to attract a technical co-founder to “just build it” is failure’s waiting room. Hiring out an agency to build your grand vision now is a great way to lose quickly. In Dan’s own words:

Learn from my useful mistakes and occasional successes, from cashing in my 401k to build a mediocre app I didn’t need, to bootstrapping through Techstars as the program’s only non-technical sole founder, to building out a great team at a (currently) thriving company that just closed a seven figure seed round.

I will focus on the very short term nuts and bolts. We’ll talk through what exactly can you do in the next four weeks to substantially move your idea forward. In our conversation, I’ll answer questions, share my ideology and process, tips, tools, and talk plainly about the ups and downs of my own experience.
How to scope your prototype, what to measure, what it is, and importantly, what it isn’t (hint: a first version of your eventual product)
How I hack process to get real milestones really quickly that can gut check your assumptions, or make it more attractive to potential technical talent, partners, or investors.
Removing false positives from your prototypes, and determine true intention. (Don’t ask people to say nice things about you and then take it as evidence).
Cheat sheet on the free or cheap tools that will be your best friend.
Startup frenemies. How to get good help from good people, and what offers you should refuse.
Non-technical Founders can build great companies. So many fail by overestimating the first step. Think small, and start building something great.


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