Speech summary from Harvard YouTube video description:

In this session, Dan Sullivan and Galen Sanford of Crowdly talk through the fundamental decisions and common mistakes you need to be aware of during the crucial phase of moving your technology startup from concept to product from two very different perspectives.

Dan provides his take as a non-technical initially sole Founder, Galen brings the perspective of working as a technical Founder, journeyman contractor, and eventually Director of Technology charged with growing the product and the team around it.

This session covers from your first line of code to the fundamental makeup of your growing team. Theydiscuss
-Knowing when you actually need code and what you can do before
-What you can learn to do yourself (and what you should)
-Working with contractors and how not to suck at it
-How to attract, qualify, and structure early team members, including fractional resources.
-How coders evaluate their opportunities.
-Terrible opinions and lies you’ll be told, and assumptions you’ll probably be wrong about.
-Five important early decisions that you might not know you’re making.
-What is the purpose and character of your technical team?


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