Speech summary from Harvard YouTube video description:

In the end, ideas are worth very little without people to execute them. And we all know a company is only as good as its team, which is why the hiring process is so critical as you start up your venture. Furthermore, anyone who has made a bad hire along the way (as most of us have) knows that hiring the wrong person can cost you far more than time and money. It ultimately makes the difference between market leaders and market laggards – or worse still – failed ventures entirely. Yet, every startup struggles to find the so called “A+ players” to build their business. In this session we define what A+ really means and share some tools on how to go after that talent.

iRobot’s Senior Vice President of HR, Russ Campanello, and Acquia’s Global Manager of Talent Acquisition, Eric Gaffen, will talk about the importance of hiring and team building at their companies. In addition, watch as audience members participate in mock interviews and share the results of their experience.


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