Speech summary from Harvard YouTube video description:

Vision, mission and culture are vital to your company – even at this early stage – do you know how to set yourself up for success? Michael Skok, a serial entrepreneur turned venture capitalist, will share best practice and case experiences for this foundational area of your venture. Viewers will learn:

What it takes to form and build an enduring company.

Understanding the crucial aspects of establishing a vision and mission.

Establishing and operationalizing your culture to ensuring your team have the tools to win.

Special guests include, Paul English, (@englishpaulm) most recently founder of Blade (@bladebos) and before that Kayak, Mike Duffy Founder of Cylent and formerly with Open Pages, and Adam Melonas, CEO & Founder Chew-Labs.

To get the most out of this session, follow this link to gain a framework of understanding and explore previous materials: http://mjskok.com/news/if-culture-eats-strategy-breakfast-whats-lunch


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