Speech summary from Harvard YouTube video description:

You have a great idea and nobody cares: How to figure out who cares and how to get them to buy from you.

Join Richard Banfield for this workshop, which will give you the essential tools to identify who your customers are and what the various touch points will be along their journey with your product or service. These tools are the same tools used by leading design-driven companies like Apple, Google and Dyson to develop a remarkable and rewarding experience for their customers.

From this workshop, you’ll learn tools that are both lean and useful for:
– Identifying who your customer is
– Defining the experience that will get them to buy (or use) your product

One Responses

  • Amiya Behera

    Even though Empathy is well described in biology because we have “mirror” neurons that make us empathetic, but defining emotions and rational biologically is difficult. They are not mutually exclusive. Both emotions and rational thinking are required for our survival. Rational thinking is a part of our emotional thinking, not a separate thing. Rational means thinking more deeply with more analysis. So making emotions first than rational is a harmful message as emotions and rational mean different to different people.


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