YouTube Video Description from AJ&Smart: Getting clients as a FREELANCE Facilitator can be one of the most difficult things at the start of your career. In this video, we share with you 3 books that will help you with that.

How to get MORE clients as a facilitator? Or how to get clients, in general, as a consultant? That might be one of the most daunting questions you could ask yourself if you’re thinking of going solo or starting your own small agency. Luckily there are some ESSENTIAL BOOKS that will help you get more clients. Join our CEO, as he shares with you 3 essential books that helped AJ&Smart become a multimillion-dollar company and that have also helped a lot of facilitators in our community get a steady stream of clients.

With these books you’ll learn how to get clients finding you (lead generation, email marketing), the strategies you should implement – for each platform – to find clients (content marketing, growth marketing), how to build relationships with clients, how to price your services, how to get people interested in your services, the concept of Direct Response Marketing and much more.


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