Description of Milken Institute Video: Speakers:

Gregory Cappelli, CEO, Apollo Group; Chairman, Apollo Global

Ross DeVol, Chief Research Officer, Milken Institute

Harold Ford Jr., Former U.S. Congressman; Managing Director, Morgan Stanley; Professor, NYU Wagner School of Public Policy

J. Todd Morley, Chairman and CEO, G2 Investment Group

Eric Spiegel, President and CEO, Siemens USA

Philippa Thomas, Presenter and Correspondent, BBC News

This year, the American economy has displayed some vigor. With Europe still in a funk, China slowing and Brazil at a standstill, it looks almost robust by contrast. Housing is booming again, exports are setting records and capital goods have enjoyed an upturn. To top it off, expanding gas and oil output promises a new era for U.S. energy, and Silicon Valley remains the world capital of innovation. Nevertheless, job growth has been disappointing. U.S. companies have struggled to lift their top lines, and the timing of the Federal Reserve’s “taper” is high on the list of investors’ concerns. The nation’s politics are as contentious as ever, especially around government debt. Will those divisions stand in the way of a full recovery? What about the stability of the banking system and income inequality? Our expert panel will bring their perspectives to bear on America’s efforts to lead, compete and address the many challenges it faces.


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