This is a webinar video from Mural, an excellent collaborative online whiteboarding tool to use for classes, workshops, design thinking, innovation sessions, and design sprints. Learn more about what is Mural and how to use it for innovative design thinking.

Here’s the description of the video from Mural:

Work isn’t a place, it’s what you accomplish with others. Effective teamwork is key to reaching your goals, no matter where your team is.

In this session, we’ll cover some best practices in collaboration with MURAL. Here is what is included:
– Preparation and set up
– Tools for collaboration
– Working in real time
– Collaborating asynchronously
– Live Q&A

Learn how to foster better teamwork even when youÍre not in the same room.

This free webinar is suitable for people who have already had some exposure to MURAL, novices and experts alike.


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