This is a webinar video from Mural, an excellent collaborative online whiteboarding tool to use for classes, workshops, design thinking, innovation sessions, and design sprints. Learn more about what is Mural and how to use it for innovative design thinking.

Here’s the description of the video from Mural:
Design sprints help organizations be fast and flexible. Typically, a group will get together in the same room for 2-5 days to focus on design.
But what if your team is remote?
In this webinar, design expert La¥la von Alvensleben from Hanno shares insight on conducting remote design sprints. Her advice is based on years of research and practical experience with clients like Uber and Lenovo.
Speed, quality design and a distributed team: you can have it all. Watch to learn how!

La¥la is a designer with Hanno, a distributed team of UX designers that helps startups and social businesses grow. She is committed to bringing remote design thinking to changemakers around the world. La¥la tweets at @lailavona


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