This is a webinar video from Mural, an excellent design thinking software. Mural helps with visual thinking and collaborative online whiteboarding. You can use it for your own strategic thinking and visualization – or with groups in classes, workshops, design thinking, innovation sessions, and design sprints. Learn more about what is Mural and how to use it for innovative design thinking.

Here’s the description of the video from Mural:
Mapping your customer’s experience helps you to see things through their eyes and to spot opportunities for growth.

But creating a map doesnÍt have to take long. Within just days, you can have a diagram to use in design sprints and other team activities.

Be confident that your solutions will address real-world problems, in half the time.

– The value of experience mapping
– How you get results quick
– Using maps in team activities

Jim Kalbach is currently the Head of Customer Success with MURAL. He is a noted author, speaker, and instructor in user experience design, information architecture, and strategy. JimÍs recent book, Mapping Experiences (O’Reilly 2016), is a bestseller. He blogs at and tweets at @jimkalbach


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