“Just generally as an entrepreneur, you have to think differently in order to be successful. There’s a high risk of being wrong – you have to be audacious, you have to think differently, you have to be confident.” Ray Dalio, founder and chairman of Bridgewater Associates, visited campus tonight for View From The Top. Dalio made his first investment – $300 in Northeast Airlines – when he was just 12 years old. It tripled shortly thereafter when the company merged with another. He went on to start Bridgewater Associates at age 26, growing it to be one of the most successful hedge funds in the world.⁣
At the event, Dalio also spoke on how conflicts with other nations – political or otherwise – will be unavoidable in the future, but their outcomes will depend on how leaders handle those conflicts. Dalio ended by touching on the increasing wage gap in the U.S. “If we don’t treat it as the most critical issue of our time, I think we’re going to be in trouble. There needs to be redistribution of opportunity, not just of money.”


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