Leadership video description from TED: The world is changing much more rapidly than most people realize, says business educator Eddie Obeng — and creative output cannot keep up. In this spirited talk, he highlights three important changes we should understand for better productivity, and calls for a stronger culture of “smart failure.”

Our environment changes faster than we can learn about it, Eddie Obeng says. How do we keep up?

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  • Hi. I just wanted to say thanks for featuring my TED Talk, and to tell you that I recently spoke at Google Zeitgeist Europe 2013 about ‘Generation Tomorrow’, and how it’s mindset, not age, that determines who will shape the future!

    If you’re interested in watching the video, you can find it at http://PentacleTheVBS.com/Zeitgeist2013.htm


    Eddie Obeng

    • admin

      Thanks for sharing your new talk Eddie! Great action!


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