Three-time NBA champion and six-time NBA All-Star Stephen Curry discussed developing his identity as a leader, serving as a mentor to the next generation, and balancing his prolific basketball career with his role as a father.

“Understand the value of a team and of being around other talented people who can push you. Some people might think that’s threatening, but I knew that we together could push each other to heights that I don’t think any one of us could imagine. And that’s what we did.” ⁣

Curry also has set his sights beyond basketball, driven by a desire to inspire change, especially in the Oakland area. He founded his company SC30, Inc with his college teammate and friend Bryant Barr, MBA ’16, to partner with brands and fuel Eat Learn Play Foundation, which Curry started with his wife, Ayesha.⁣

Curry was interviewed by Tylon Garrett, MBA ‘20. ⁣


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