University Video Description from USC: Rupert Scofield has just released a new book, The Social Entrepreneur’s Handbook. In it, he tracks his story from giving his first loan to a poverty-stricken Latin American farmer in the early-1970s to building one of the leading microfinance organizations supporting rural farmers and entrepreneurs around the world.

Rupert’s book offers detailed technical advice to people who are interested in pursuing social entrepreneurship. He adds depth and color to the story by providing anecdotes about the people who inspired him, the challenges he overcame, and the entrepreneurs who changed his life. Many of these stories emanate from the poor and distressed areas around the world where Rupert has spent most of his 35 year career.

The company Scofield co-founded, FINCA International, now serves more than 850,000 clients in 21 countries and has recently transformed itself with a new model that unlocks socially responsible investment capital to fuel growth. This answers a key question about responsible growth that has bedeviled the microfinance industry in recent years.


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