The Best 25 Higher Ed Blogs For College Professionals

Top Higher Education Blogs

Top 25 Higher Ed Blogs for University Faculty & Staff

Not long ago, our editors compiled a list of the top 100+ higher ed blogs from across the web.  These blogs cover a variety of perspectives and voices in the higher education community.  As promised, we now present to you our final top 25!  This list represents the best of the best in higher ed blogging.

To create this list, we analyzed over 200 higher ed blogs already recommended around the web for a variety of factors.  For a more in-depth look at our methodology, see our previous write-up here.

The Best of the Best in Higher Ed Blogging

You can also view the entire list of top higher education blogs here.

What are some of your favorite higher education blogs? Please leave a comment to share with others. Let us know which higher ed blogs we should be watching for our next “top higher ed blog” selection.

14 responses to “The Best 25 Higher Ed Blogs For College Professionals”

  1. Mike says:

    Thanks for the comprehensive list of Edu blogs.

  2. […] year we reviewed over 200 higher education blogs and created a top 25 list. This year we would like to accept nominations for top higher ed blogs of 2014. Are there blogs […]

  3. Jasmeen says:

    Education system is one of the most important and advanced technique improved. The degrees achieved by the students are not worthless anymore. Moreover, these inspire and motivate the youngsters to achieve the goal and succeed in their life as after completion of the studies and get good jobs or start a business.

  4. Jasmeen says:

    In this article, improving writing skills and communicating by writing is the best form in the social life. It also clears the mind level and refreshes the energy level to an extent.

  5. Grace Ynez says:

    I’m surprised is not on here! We use their guided pathways template and know of another college that does too.

  6. Jessi Farmer says:

    Thanks for this post! It’s been really helpful. We would love for your feedback on our blog:

  7. Emily Stone says:

    Fantastic article !!! Thank you very much for sharing this list of Higher Ed blogs..It was very helpful..

  8. Thanks for sharing … very useful information

  9. Kudos, the list is very comprehensive, it will help me and others in choosing the right edu blogs

  10. Steven Mintz says:

    Check out the only blog devoted to ethics in higher education:

  11. ptalimited says:

    Thanks for posting this it’s been very helpful.

  12. LIBT Uk says:

    Thanks for sharing & Thank you so much, for sharing this detailed post It’s very helpful.!

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