Description of Penn Wharton Business School Video: Leaders and investors in “emerging” markets are finding this label to be somewhat outdated. Can global powerhouses such as China and India still be termed “emerging”? In this Wharton Global Alumni Forum panel, seasoned professionals who operate in a variety of markets around the world argue persuasively for a new approach to this enormously profitable set of very different markets that hold vast potential. This Wharton Global Alumni Forum was held Milan, Italy, on May 17-18, 2012.


Arnold J. Rosoff, Wharton Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics; Professor of Health Care Management; Senior Fellow, Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics (Moderator)
Elena Anfimova (WG’04), Portfolio Manager, Firebird Management, Istanbul
Jason Breemen (WG’02), Managing Director, Everstone Capital, Singapore
Tarun Kataria (WG’85), Chief Executive Officer, Religare Capital Markets India, Mumbai
Kyle Shaw (WG’87), Managing Director, Shaw Kwei & Partners, Hong Kong
Hendrik Susanto (WG’00), Managing Director, Ancora Capital Management, Singapore


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