University Video Description from UT Austin: On April 5, 2012, the President’s Sustainability Steering Committee and the Office of Sustainability at the University of Texas at Austin collaborated with the School for Undergraduate Studies to offer the first annual sustainability-focused lecture to fulfill the spring Signature Course University Lecture Series requirement.

In a provocative discussion, Dr. James Pennebaker, Chair of the Psychology Department and Dr. John Daly, Communications Studies Professor, address the word ‘sustainability,’ as it has become both ubiquitous and oftentimes meaningless in our culture. Pennebaker and Daly’s lively conversation challenges audience member’s assumptions and beliefs as they explore the underlying meaning of the word itself and its relevancy to our daily lives, the world around us, and to future generations.

The session is moderated by Jim Walker, Director of Sustainability, in an engaging format where students and audience members were encouraged to think critically about the topic, share their insights and ask questions.

The event was held in KLRU Studio 6A, the former home to Austin City Limits.

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  • Carlos Gallo

    The term “Environmental Poisoning” instead of Sustainability or Sustainable Development, will probably get peoples attention.


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