University Video Description from NYU: A discussion with: Sophia Kalantzakos (Moderator), C&C Global Distinguished Professor of Environmental Studies & Public Policy, NYU Environmental Studies Program; Mary Leou, (Panelist) Director, NYU Wallerstein Collaborative for Urban Environmental Education and Acting Director, NYU Steinhardt Environmental Conservation Education Program; Claire Milonas, (Panelist) Senior Advisor, X Prize Foundation.

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  • Jan van Rijswijk

    Informative and educational, up and until the point where Sophia Kalantzakos made a comparison between the United states and the EU. It’s not top down in the EU, that only applies for several (less developed) countries. Countries like Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands are pro-active in their implementations of sustainable solutions. Many initiatives start at the bottom and the market is years ahead of the standards set by the governments/EU. So please, know your facts before stating arguments like these. It really was a let down in this otherwise great and enlightening discussion.


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