Description of Duke School of Business Video: Join us for our April Fuqua Faculty Conversation as Ronnie Chatterji, Associate Professor of Strategy, presents:

Rising to the Challenge: Bending the Cost Curve in Health Care And Education

The U.S. health care and education sectors face big challenges, including simultaneous pressures to lower costs AND raise outcomes like test scores and mortality rates. But how?
Disruptive innovation is often suggested as the answer. Technology has radically reshaped entire industries and led to increases in productivity. Many big companies, startups, universities, governments and foundations are looking at ways to disrupt education and healthcare in the same manner.

Professor Chatterji proposes that this will be a lot harder than we think. He views education and health care very differently than other industries due to the role of government, the importance of the teacher/health care provider in delivering services, and the ways in which technology can be implemented. Professor Chatterji’s talk will provide an overview of this perspective and identify the models/companies/policies that he thinks can fix our health care and education systems.

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