Webinars for Colleges & Universities

I started UniversityWebinars.org because I believed that webinars could play an important future role for colleges and universities. Higher ed institutions could do webinars to engage alumni, provide training, educate students, collaborate on research, outreach to the public, or even generate new sources of revenue. The webinars could feature paid registrations to participate live. The recordings of the webinars could be converted into a digital program that could be sold…an online collection of webinar video recordings. At a time when higher education and many colleges and universities that we care for are facing budget crunches and declining funding, webinars could provide a new source of revenue. I’m an alum of 3 different universities, I would enjoy seeing webinars from professors in my old departments, or from staff teaching something or updating us on what’s new. Webinars would offer a chance to stay connected.

Webinar Software for Higher Education

I’ve used a number of different webinars…both for my own programs and when I’ve had to do a guest webinar where the host has the software. I’ve preferred to use GoToWebinar (also GoToMeeting and GoToTraining). It’s easy to present, launch polls, integrate surveys, collect registrations, follow up with evaluations, and most importantly for me…get a quality recording that you can let people access later. I reached out to Citrix who offers the GoTo software products and became a partner. I had a meeting with them and because of this you can connect through me to Citrix to receive demos, help getting started, and also gotowebinar discounts and special offers you may not receive just by going to their website. Here are the links you can use to get a demo, free trial, and reach out about a discount or special offer.



GoToTraining & GoToWebinar: Attention, PowerPoint and Design Tactics for Non-Designers

Webinar Training

The “Practical Innovation for Higher Ed Leaders” webinar recording we offer on this site (it’s on the sidebar) was done with Citrix’s GoToMeeting. GoToTraining offers capability to do breakout groups and make the webinar more interactive and leverage the participant-to-participant interaction. GoToWebinar is good for large group presentations that you can make more engaging with polls, surveys, etc.

If you are ready to create your own webinar, online program, or event site that the program can live on…we’ve developed a webinar training program to help you do that…even sell tickets to your own live webinar and convert it into a recorded program people can purchase. Webinars for higher education make sense.


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