Ali Abdaal Video on 12 Podcasts that Changed My Life



Other than books, podcasts are the single most important source I’ve had for learning new ideas over the past 5 years, and it’s mostly down to listening to podcasts that I started this YouTube channel and ended up being pretty ‘successful’. So in this video I want to share 26 of my favourite podcast recommendations that have, in various ways, helped my life.

00:00 Intro
00:42 The Tim Ferriss Show
02:12 The Knowledge Project
03:15 Deviate
04:54 Bookworm
05:48 Not Overthinking
06:20 Invest like the Best
06:22 The North Star Podcast
06:23 The Art of Manliness
06:25 Impact Theory
06:26 The School of Greatness
06:33 The Diary of a CEO
07:18 The Huberman Lab
08:11 My First Million
10:23 Indie Hackers
11:26 Noah Kagan Presents + Online Marketing Made Easy
11:51 The Naval Podcast
12:11 Video Creators Podcast
12:31 The Gary Vee Audio Experience
13:21 That Creative Life
13:23 The Stalman Podcast
13:25 The Secret Podcast
13:34 The Matti and Pete Show
13:37 Tuxedo Time Podcast
14:00 The Property Podcast
14:13 Smart Passive Income


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