This video is from Thinkific, an online course platform where you can create, build, and sell your own online courses. Thinkific offers a range of plans for advanced course creators and even a free plan for beginners to try. Here’s the video description.

Welcome to the definitive guide on how to presell your online course. 🚀 Dive into a step-by-step walkthrough and a comprehensive Thinkific tutorial that’ll set you on the path to online course success! Whether you’re asking, “Do I need to presell my online course?” or “How to successfully presell an online course?”—you’re in the right place.

0:00 Not sure about creating an online course?
0:47 The best practices for pre-selling your online course
3:49 How to pre-sell your online course using Thinkific
7:01 Your next steps



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