Ali Abdaal Video on 21 Life Lessons I’ve Learned



In this video I’ll be going over 21 life lessons and tips that stuck with me after 2021.

00:00 Intro
00:10 Die with Zero Book
01:26 Stay Scrappy from Sahil’s Minimalist Entrepreneur
02:50 Steven Bartlett’s Quitting Framework
04:04 The Gap and the Gain
04:51 The 37% Rule
06:31 Forget the Noun, Do the Verb
07:39 Optimise for the life you want to lead day-to-day
09:00 Delegation is hard but changes the game
10:05 Everyone has some level of career risk
11:36 Time = 112 chips
13:13 Embracing the suck
14:49 If you’re worried about your belly, stop ordering takeaway everyday
14:53 Infinite games over finite games
15:59 Separation of tasks
17:20 Be yourself when dating
19:15 Make sure you always have a kindle with you
19:58 Learning languages through audiobooks is fun & easy
21:15 What MrWhoseTheBoss Taught Me
22:52 Loving myself for who I am instead of what I do
24:20 Questioning assumptions and recognising how you feel about things
25:55 Embrace Life Long Learning!


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