Ali Abdaal Video on 20 Lessons that Improved My Life



In this video I’ll be going over 20 life lessons and tips that stuck with me after 2020.


00:00 Intro
00:06 The top of my to-do list
01:11 Lean into the fear
02:25 Have to vs. get to
03:57 You’re allowed to go back to bed once you’ve had a shower
04:38 My information diet sucks
06:16 The four components of an ideal life
08:09 The power of accountability
09:51 Do what you’re doing
11:12 Improvisational productivity
12:46 Homework for life
15:50 Speed listening audiobooks
17:57 The odyssey plan
20:01 The power of clarity
21:34 Thinking of time in 15 minute chunks
22:47 Goals


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