Ali Abdaal Video on 28 Life Lessons from 28 Years in 28 Minutes



Hey friends, I’ve just turned 28 years old so I thought it’d be fun to do a roundup of lessons from over my 28 years. Feel free to share yours in the comments 😜

00:00 Intro
00:11 Setting intentional defaults
02:14 Lowering the bar
03:25 Embracing mediocrity in certain areas
04:52 Living with a background music track
06:12 Consistency and quantity generally leads to quality
07:18 Quantity and consistency lead to creativity
08:08 Sending physical thank you notes feels good
08:34 Planning and doing are two different modes of operating
09:42 Choosing to be satisfied
10:52 Move towards things that energise rather than drain
12:10 Fantasy fiction books are amazing
12:41 Use a face towel
13:31 Skincare compounds over time
15:27 Try to wake up at the same time every day
16:21 Don’t keep your phone on the bedside table
17:07 Don’t press the “try harder” button
18:21 Monetising your passions can be fun
19:37 Monetizing your passions can also not be fun
21:06 It’s ok to leave a party without saying goodbye
21:10 Musings on retirement
21:58 Try and enjoy each day on its own merit
22:48 Everyone is friendly but you have to go first
23:41 Successful people under-invest in relationships
25:39 Morning exercise is great
25:44 Rejection is way better than regret
25:50 Read the bad reviews
26:55 Use trains for travel
27:15 Journey before destination


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