Ali Abdaal Video on I Read 2,216 Resumes. Here’s How You Stand Out 🚀



Hey friends, so I’ve recently been hiring a bunch of people for my business. I’ve read literally thousands of applications and in my opinion know what to look for in an incredible candidate. So in this video I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to do when you’re applying for a job to get into that 1% of people who actually get hired. Enjoy 🙂

00:00 The Third Door
01:11 Slide into people’s DMs
02:44 Be an opportunist
04:04 Make it easy for them to say yes
05:58 Build a portfolio
09:08 Keep it short
10:20 Lead with value
12:33 Go above and beyond in your application
15:00 Understand the vibe
16:58 Please don’t bullshit
19:06 Write for clarity rather than impressiveness
20:22 Dial in your level of enthusiasm
22:44 Be paranoid
24:29 Consider video applications
26:43 Do the thing really well


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