Ali Abdaal Video on How I Built a Million Dollar Business in Medical School – 10 Tips for Entrepreneurs



In this video, I talk through 10 tips that I picked up while building and running a business through medical school. My company 6med does around £150,000 in annual revenue and was built by me and my friends while we were medical students at Cambridge University. We talk about the importance of not waiting for permission, standing on the shoulders of giants, learning to code and design, working with friends, starting small, doing things that don’t scale, expecting and learning from failure, starting with why, but above all, just starting. Enjoy!

00:32 – The Story
01:45 – Don’t wait for permission
02:30 – Stand on the shoulders of giants
03:46 – Learn to code
05:41 – Learn design basics
07:51 – Do it with friends
08:55 – Start small
10:08 – Do things that don’t scale
11:49 – Expect, and learn from, failure
13:26 – Ask yourself why
15:03 – Just start


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