Ali Abdaal Video on The Book That Changed How I Spend Money



So I read this book called Die with Zero and the basic concept is that it’s possible to save up way too much money. Bill Perkins reckons that we should all aim to have $0 in our bank account, give or take, by the time we die, which is what I’m exploring in this episode of Book Club.

00:00 Intro
01:49 Why you should save less
02:03 Earning power
02:38 Memory dividends
03:23 Old age
04:32 Objection 1 – What if I run out of money?
05:05 Objection 2 – What about the kids?
05:59 Objection 3 – What about charity?
06:41 Tip 1 – Time bucket your life
07:53 Tip 2 – Be bold, not foolish
09:02 Weaknesses with the book


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