Academy Award, Golden Globe, Emmy, and Grammy award-winning producer and New York Times bestselling author BRIAN GRAZER, has been making movies and television for over 30 years. As both a writer and producer, he has been personally nominated for four Academy Awards, and in 2002 he won the Best Picture Oscar for A Beautiful Mind. The list of the movies he’s produced are endless. They include: Apollo 13, Splash, Frost/Nixon, Parenthood, J. Edgar, American Gangster, Inside Man, Friday Night Lights and 8 Mile, just to name a few. On the TV side he’s just as prolific. He’s produced household staples like: 24, Arrested Development and Empire and most recently Genius, which was nominated for ten Emmy awards.

Over the years, Grazer’s films and TV shows have been nominated for 43 Oscars and 187 Emmys. Grazer has been chosen by Time Magazine as one of the “100 Most Influential People in the World.” His book “A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life”, released in April 2105, was a New York Times bestseller. The book chronicles decades of Grazer scheduling “curiosity conversations” with notable experts from scientists to spies, and adventurers to business leaders.

Grazer first met his longtime friend and business partner Ron Howard in 1987 when Grazer was in TV production at Paramount. Their collaboration began in 1985 with the hit comedies Night Shift and Splash, and in 1986 the two founded Imagine Entertainment which they continue to run as Chairmen.


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