Talks at Google Video description: Harvard Law grad turned NFL Coach, best-selling author and University of Texas lecturer, Daron K. Roberts explores the tools we can use to combat risk aversion. How can we incentivize team members to be more creative and innovative in the workplace?

In 2006, Daron Roberts was just one year away from earning a law degree from his dream school: Harvard. But that summer, in the throes of a clerkship at a law firm, Roberts had a revelation—he wanted something different. Very different. Daron Roberts wanted to be an NFL football coach. Come hear about his inspiring journey as he reveals his playbook for taking risks and making transitions. Daron is the author of #1 Amazon New Release and Best Seller “Call an Audible: Let My Pivot from Harvard Law to NFL Coach Inspire Your Transition.” The book was also named “Best Sports Business Books of 2017” by Sports illustrated.

After graduating from Harvard Law School, Roberts served coaching stints with the Kansas City Chiefs, Detroit Lions, West Virginia Mountaineers and Cleveland Browns. And in 2010, Daron launched a nonprofit football camp – 4th and 1, which offers free SAT prep, life skills development and football training to at-risk youth in Michigan, Texas and Florida.

Roberts also serves as founding director of the Center for Sports Leadership and Innovation (CSLi) at the University of Texas, the first university-based institute dedicated to developing leadership and curricula for high school, collegiate and professional athletes. Earlier this year, CSLi received $500K gift from Kevin Durant.


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