“People say I made the dress. Yes, I made the dress, but really, the dress made me. Thanks to this dress, I became more confident. I was sharing my confidence, I was selling my confidence,” Diane Von Fürstenberg, founder of fashion line DVF, told students at her View From The Top event. Her iconic wrap dress became the look for working women in the 1970’s and continues to make a statement. Born in Brussels and the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, Von Fürstenberg believes in “never being the victim.” Today, Von Fürstenberg supports and awards women entrepreneurs around the world. “When you are successful, two things happen,” she told the audience. “One is that you can pay your bills and the second is that you have a voice. And once that happens, it’s a gift and a privilege to use your voice for those who don’t have a voice.”

Von Fürstenberg was interviewed by Tadia James, MBA ’19.


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