“People often optimize for the role or for the company. The first thing I optimize for is who I will work with. Don’t bet on companies, bet on people,” Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Uber, told students at today’s View From The Top event. Khosrowshahi discussed his departure from Expedia and his approach to shifting company values at Uber to focus on diversity and inclusion. “An important factor in our change was setting a new culture and new norms,” he said. “We crowdsourced those norms and asked people – what kind of company do we want to be?”

Khosroshahi advised students to let go of benchmarking via titles and salaries when it comes to career goals. “Have a theme but don’t get locked in. I’m always looking around to make sure my own biases don’t prevent me from seeing something great,” he said. “When you’re lucky enough to take that risk, jump!”

Khosrowshahi was interviewed by Lepi Jha Fishman, MBA ’19.


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