This video is from Thinkific, an online course platform where you can create, build, and sell your own online courses. Thinkific offers a range of plans for advanced course creators and even a free plan for beginners to try. Here’s the video description.

Get a step-by-step guide for creating your online course. We’ll cover the best practices and provide a Thinkific tutorial too!

0:00 – Feeling overwhelmed? We’ve got your back!
0:50 – Should you presell or create an MVP?
1:48 – How to choose a lesson format for your course
2:37 – Guidelines for lesson content creation
2:52 – How to create an online course in Thinkific
3:41 – How to add lessons in Thinkific
4:03 – How to add a free preview / free trial to your course in Thinkific
4:20 – How to add on-lesson discussions in Thinkific
4:38 – How to customize your course’s settings in Thinkific
5:13 – How to add completion certificates to your course in Thinkific
5:37 – How to add a drip schedule to your course in Thinkific
6:16 – How to publish your online course in Thinkific
6:56 – You did it! 🎉



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