This video is from Thinkific, an online course platform where you can create, build, and sell your own online courses. Thinkific offers a range of plans for advanced course creators and even a free plan for beginners to try. Here’s the video description.

Watch for strategies to price online courses, choose a pricing model, and learn how to set up your pricing in Thinkific.

People often ask us, “What price should I pick?” or “How much should I charge for my online course?” This video has the answers!

0:00 We hate, “It depends…”
1:00 Strategy 1: Outcome-Based Pricing
2:49 Strategy 2: Competitor-Based Pricing
3:23 Strategy 3: Presale Discounting
3:58 Online Course Pricing Models
5:15 How to Set Your Pricing In Thinkific (Tutorial)

Sell online courses & communities for free with Thinkific


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