This is the link for the Jake Knapp Design Sprint Miro template with Talktrack videos:

Youtube Video Description:
Dive into the dynamic world of Design Sprints with Darin from! This comprehensive video unravels the intricacies of conducting effective Design Sprints (especially in a virtual environment, leveraging the groundbreaking Miro Template with TalkTrack created by Jake Knapp to learn how to do it. It’s like a free online course with digital materials to use!

In this demo, Darin explores the evolution of Design Sprints from the foundational principles laid out in Jake Knappā€™s iconic book, ‘Sprint,’ to their transformation into versatile, virtual formats. Discover how Miro’s innovative tools and templates have revolutionized the approach to solving big problems and testing new ideas within just five days.

Get a step-by-step walkthrough of the Miro Design Sprint Template, a vital resource for UX professionals, innovation or agile teams, and design thinkers. This template not only guides you through the five-day design sprint process but also enriches your experience with TalkTrack – a feature where Jake Knapp himself provides insights and guidance.

Learn how to understand (and see) the foundations so you can adapt and customize design sprints for various organizational needs, whether it’s a one-day, two-day, or the traditional five-day sprint. Understand the significance of each activity within the sprint, from creating a map to conducting expert interviews, all brought to life through the template.

This video is an invaluable asset for those interested in UX design, user research, and digital innovation strategies. It also delves into the latest 2023 updates, highlighting how AI features within Miro can augment your design sprint process by generating and organizing ideas.

Stay ahead in the field of design thinking and innovation by mastering the virtual Design Sprint using Miro’s advanced features. Whether you’re conducting workshops, meetings, or full-scale design projects, this video will equip you with the knowledge and tools needed for success.

You can access this design sprint template with video tutorials for free at this link:

🕒 Timestamps:
0:01 – Introduction to Design Sprints & Evolution Since 2016
0:32 – Transitioning to Virtual Sprints
0:48 – Introduction to Miro’s Design Sprint Template
1:03 – Detailed Overview of the Design Sprint Process
1:40 – Miro’s Template with TalkTrack Explained
2:09 – Video Insights from Jake Knapp, Creator of Design Sprint
3:13 – Exploring the Miro Template Features
3:36 – Updates for 2023 in Design Sprint Methodology
4:10 – Comprehensive Look at Design Sprint Activities
5:02 – Innovations in Miro’s Virtual Whiteboard Tool
5:24 – Consider AI Features in Design Sprints (see our other channel videos for demos)


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