In this webinar we delve into what it means to effectively lead in a business agility context. For most organizations, developing the capabilities that comprise business agility will require that their leaders re-shape their understanding of leadership and management, and develop the new skills needed to lead people and manage operations in our radically changing world.

Through decades of research and our own hands-on experience, we know that this kind of change demands more than a behavioral adjustment; it requires a paradigm shift in how leaders think about their role and their organization’s, and how the two blend together. This is Agile leadership in its most essential form.

Learning Objectives:
– Learn why being open to the idea that that leadership has both an interior aspect and an exterior aspect is essential to succeeding in our VUCA world.
– Understand what is meant by a learning organization and why this is important for all leaders to grasp.
– Explore the relationship between a leader’s own inner development and the organization’s ability to transform.

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