This is a webinar video from Miro, a collaborate online whiteboarding tool many use to help visualize their thinking. This software application helps groups work remotely and collaboratively. Visit this post to learn more about what is Miro and how to use Miro.

Here’s the description of this webinar video from Miro:

Kevin Casper: Product Owner, Citrix
Jennifer Wilford: Global VP, Application Advisory; Ceridian
Eleanor Sandford: Innovation Director, Design; Salesforce

For Consultants, solutions engineers, product designers, and countless other professionals, collaborating externally with customers and clients is part of daily life. In these external collaborations, it’s critical that ideas are captured clearly and that customer needs and feedback are mapped and documented accurately. In this session, professionals from three leading SaaS brands – Salesforce, Ceridian, and Citrix, share their tricks for turning meetings into interactive workshops that elevate customer relationships and help uncover new partnership opportunities. Attendees will leave with insights that help their external collaborations become more engaging and impactful.

About Miro:
Miro is an online collaboration whiteboard platform. At Miro, we’ve built a platform for modern work, enabling collocated, distributed, and remote teams to communicate and collaborate across formats, tools, channels, and time zones — without the constraints of physical location, meeting space, and whiteboard.


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