This is a webinar video from Miro, a great online whiteboarding tool we use to help you visualize your thinking and help groups do it remotely and collaboratively. Visit this post to learn more about what is Miro and how to use Miro.

Here’s the description of this webinar video from Miro:

Hiten Shah – Co-Founder; FYI, Kissmetrics
Jessica Tiwari – VP of Product Management; Upwork
Chloe Oddleifson – Director of People Ops; Dribbble
Andreas Klinger – Head of Remote; AngelList

What qualities should you look for when hiring distributed team members? How do you build trust and establish cultural norms when members are scattered across locations and time zones? Get tips and best practices from all perspectives: A founder, department head, and head of people all share their insights recruiting, hiring and developing distributed product teams.


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