Rick Rubin is a master of creativity and collaboration. Here, Rick sits down with Joe Rogan to share lessons and stories from his upcoming book, The Creative Act: A Way of Being. (available here: https://amzn.to/3Q6tI53)

In this interview, Rick Rubin reveals how to make great art, become a better collaborator, and discover ideas floating through the universe.

Hope you enjoy. Please leave a comment if anything resonates.

– Glo

0:01 – How to live a creative life
0:48 – Following your passions
1:17 – Rick’s recipe for success
2:16 – Talent vs. work ethic
2:34 – How to be a better collaborator
3:14 – How to make great art
4:29 – Create art for yourself
5:05 – Where ideas come from
6:51 – The role of laughter
7:14 – Collaborating with the universe


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