Don’t have time to watch the full interview? We’ve got you covered. Here, the legendary Rick Rubin sits down with Lex Fridman to talk about creativity and collaboration.

Alongside tips to be more creative and collaborative, Rick Rubin reveals his process for making art people want to experience.

Enjoy and leave a comment if anything resonates with you.

0:28 – Creating the best art
1:16 – Relationships in the studio
1:53 – Listening and neutrality
2:35 – Working in Rick’s studio
3:08 – The role of Ego
3:29 – On simplicity
4:00 – Production vs. reduction
4:22 – The “Ruthless Edit”
5:17 – Where ideas come from
6:01 – Staying true to yourself
7:01 – Business vs. art
7:35 – How to make magic
8:09 – Rick’s advice for young creatives
8:41 – Relevance of time

Full interview:


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