Fresh off the release of his book, The Creative Act: A Way of Being, Rick Rubin sits down to share his approach to creativity and creating great work.

Throughout the interview, Rick reveals how to live in a more creative way, manage audience expectations, and find success through experimentation.

Hope this video finds you when you need it the most. Drop a comment to share what resonates.

– Glo

0:01 – On creative progression
0:27 – Take control of your life
0:53 – Living in an artful way
1:45 – Why the audience comes last
2:14 – On audience expectations
2:58 – Is it better to be different?
3:21 – Understand differing perspectives
3:30 – When to break rules
4:03 – Tunnel vision
4:17 – Finding paths to success
4:46 – The importance of experimenting
5:36 – Creative burnout
6:05 – Limit distractions
6:31 – Remove self-doubt
6:51 – Put in the work


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