Four Stanford MBA students give advice on how to optimize your resume. This is a capstone project for the Strategic Communication course at Stanford Graduate School of Business. This video serves to help others develop their own communication skills.

Recruiters typically take 30 seconds looking at your resume:
Santiago Aviles (MBA ’13) explains how to optimize your resume.
– Make it easy to find what they need
– Focus on the first few lines
– Make sure to show numbers

Scott Hindman (MBA ’13) provides “career-changer” advice for MBA students based on his own non-linear career experiences across different industries.
– Remove industry-specific jargon from your resume
– Demonstrate interest in your new field

Rainey Yu (MBA ’14) explains resume differences in China versus the United States. She shares tips how to rewrite your resume as an international student.
– Reduce the culture difference
– Prioritize your information
– Don’t make up a story 95% of all companies use some form of social media to recruit new talent.

Pao Jirakulpattana (MBA ’14) shares how you can optimize your LinkedIn profile for potential job opportunities.
– Make your profile SEO and keyword friendly (name, title, skill, headline)
– Headlines matter
– Add recommendations and endorsements
– Start conversations


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